bob hargrove  - lead vocals - bass - keys

Bassist Bob Hargrove got his start in music at a ripe old age of 12. Taking Orchestra for 4 years as a violinist gave him his first look at sheet music and performing the classics such as Bach, Chopin, and Beethoven. His father was a priest and enrolled him in the boy's choir at 12 years old. When Bob turned 15 he was at a party with his girlfriend and the band's singer was a no-show.

Bob jumped at the chance to perform and sang "Snakeskin Cowboy" to the delight of the partygoers who insisted he sing the tune once more. After the party, many in attendance encouraged him to front the band. After much consideration he decided to do just that.

Performing such classics as "Walk this Way" and "Love lies Bleeding" he was well on his way to a bright future as a singer in a local band. But Bob's father had other ideas and insisted he attend the University of Wisconsin and "forget about music" as a means to make a living. After one year in college Bob had had enough. He set his sights on Los Angeles as a place to relocate and pursue his music career further.

He resided with his aunt and started looking at the ads posted in local music stores for players. A friend introduced him to a band searching for a bass player and Bob jumped at the chanced after attending their cookout and sitting in. RNB was born and after two weeks of rehearsal the band landed their first gig at the World Famous Palomino in the San Fernando Valley. The stage was small but the framed photos on the walls were much larger with signed photos the likes of Glen Campbell, Tanya Tucker, and Willie Nelson displayed. The band made $32 and spent it on beer to celebrate their first paid gig in the greater Los Angeles area.

Bob went on to play many local clubs with several bands as a lead singer front man in the hopes that the bands would get a break. But alas, there was always some unfortunate situation that caused the bands to dismember. So in 2008 Bob turned down a band with Chris Holmes to start his own project. The 12 string was the instrument of choice and Bob laid down his first tracks for the song "Tuesday's Rain" to wit he also decided to name the band. His son heard the raw tracks and offered his assistance on drums so Bob bought a digital kit so they could rehearse in their apartment. Bob continued to take vocal lessons and develop his own style to create a signature sound for the band.

The band was approached by Anthony Valli (Crazy Town/Sony Records) to produce their first full-length LP "Dream Another Day" (Midnight Records 2009) financed by the band. Tuesday's Rain gained a local following and was featured in magazines and online radio shows and attended red carpet events in Hollywood while performing on the Sunset strip at local venues such as the Roxy, Whiskey, Knitting Factory, and beyond. The band stretched out and played fundraiser's and even a send off for the troops in Las Vegas as the opening act in the Las Vegas Harley parking lot for 1500 in attendance. "We got caught in L.A. traffic and missed soundcheck, and I actually played in my pajamas" said Bob.

They later went on to play the Las Vegas Indie Music Fest on the Main Stage and won the fans in attendance over. The band needed a follow-up and hired guitarist/producer Brent Woods (Vince Neil, Sebastian Bach, The Moby Dicks) to co-produce their EP. But alas, the economy hit the band hard and self-financing all the shows, recording time, and travel expenses had taken their toll. Exhausted funds forced the sale of their studio and Bob looked east for a chance to re-group and get the band on track. After much effort and no success in Las Cruces, NM and a brief stint with El Paso locals Bob decided to relocate to the DFW area where he had grown up as a child/teenager. Alex headed south to San Diego after the sale of the property in California to pursue a project with no promise in the end.

Bob looked up an old lifetime friend from the old hood and eventually rented the apartment where he now resides. Shortly after settling in Bob decided to check the Craigslist ads for local acts and Raising Abel caught his eye with their professionalism and polish. He immediately knew this was the band for him and after thoughtful consideration reached out to the members and agreed to audition as the bassist for the project. The audition went seemingly well and the members hit it off with Bob.

Raising Abel is currently working aggressively to arrange a new show with a combination of existing songs and material from both projects, Hargrove hopes to perform, write, and record new songs with the current project Raising Abel.