Before you start viewing the videos (please read), a little history. 

LOUD (just for fun) use to always do a Kiss Tribute show on New Years and Halloween while playing in the clubs.  We would do our normal 3 sets and then the last set we would go back to the dressing room and rush, get our makeup done and then do the last set of the night as "KISS".

It was called  ---- Shout It Out LOUD - a Kiss Tribute

An agency from Cincinnati that had been booking us happen to catch one of our shows and said if we would do this full time we could make a lot of money, plus have fun.  We would do nothing but one-niters and have rooms, food, pre concert riders ( you know -- no brown M&M's) There was no one doing this, or not very many if any at that time and we were told our income would be around $360,000 a year booking every show @ $1000 and up with a opening act. Doing 4 to 5 shows a week.

We spent the next several weeks getting props together, stage costumes tweaked and fine tuning our music and choreography.  Ya, remember those bands?  We had 5 shows pre-booked in two weeks and more offers on the way, when my brother and I started to want to go back to church.   I remember us praying about it and stating "Lord if this is not your will let us know it.  I remember the show very well, Unlike the videos you will see below from previous shows prior to deciding to do this full time, it was horrible. 

We played great, sounded good, but our pyrotechnics didn't work right, I broke a string right in the middle of my Smoking guitar solo ( I would put a smoke bomb in a whole under the strings and light it right as I started the solo -- it melted my string.  I had done this many time before with no problems.  Frank and I were both miserable before and after the show.   So as soon as we got back to Middletown, Ohio where we lived, WE QUIT.       We were in church that following Sunday.  And to this day I have never regretted it.   I always say "that was the best 360thou I ever turned down" ... lol 

Oh by the way, we heard later that they got another band to take over for us and they were sued ... True  I don't know, don't care.

So Enjoy the show.  Pat Bratcher - Raising Abel

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