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Pat Bratcher

Pat Bratcher

Pat Bratcher


Pat was born in Baytown, Tx and as a child always wanted to play the guitar. 

Being missing fingers on both hands has Pat had to teach himself how to play the guitar.

As a secular artist Pat has performed onstage with such acts as Kiss, Scorpions, Quite Riot, Head East, Fastway, 38 Special, Foghat, Pantera.  Pat has traveled worldwide and performed in Mexico, Czech Republic.  (Also founder of bands “High Fever’ and “LOUD”  

Pat was born at 5 months weighing 4lbs and the doctors said he would not make it past 24 hrs. After 5 days they realized he was a fighter. 

Being born with hand and leg deformities the doctors told his mom even if he lived he would never walk. The next 5 yrs of his life were spent in and out of hospitals, having reconstructive surgeries on his hands and feet. 

He even wore the Forest Gump leg brace.  Had to learn how to walk in water, spent time in a wheel chairs and on crutches. 

Even thou he is missing digits on both his left and right hand he has mastered the guitar, bass, piano, keys and drums.   

He has performed concerts with such artist/ministers as Rosie Greer (Steelers football player), Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad), WhiteCross, Sacred Warrior, Gaurdian, Bride, Holy Soldier, Testament, Mylon Lafever, Degarmal & Key, Brad Tutlle from the Power Team, + 

Pat founded Raising Abel in 2004 in Venus, Tx and now bases the band out of Arlington, Tx  where he writes, practices and records the band in his rehearsal studio. 


Allen Chick

Pat Bratcher

Pat Bratcher


Allen Chick was born in Ft. Worth, Tx.  His first drum set was a set of pots an pans from his mom's kitchen.  He use un-sharpened pencils for drum sticks.  Allen's first paying gig ($10) was at the age of 12.  He has played all forms of music, from Western Swing to Rock-N-Roll. 

He has toured the Texas music scene in cities such as Austin, Houston, Waco, San Antonio, and the DFW area.  

His has opened for  Steve Warner, Tanya Tucker, David Allen Coe, Bellamy Brothers, Kentucky Head Hunters, The Romantics and Ted Nugent.

Allen recently relocated back to the DFW area and was wanting to re-enter the music scene. 

Allen joined Raising Abel and provides the power drum sound that you hear in their music.

His influences are a wide range of artists and bands, from Blues to Progressive Rock. His style of playing and holding the pocket he is called "Bam Bam" by his fellow members.

Allen use Mapex drums, Easton Ahead drumsticks, Roland PM6 Pro Drum Module and Roland Vdrum triggers.  He uses DW HiHat and Double Bass kick pedals. Allen uses  

Paiste ColorSound Cymbals.

Drums Mics are SM 57, Beta 52, Sennheiser an Audio Technics. 

For monitors he uses a Samson headphone amp and Simmons drum monitor system.



Tony Brown

Pat Bratcher

Tony Brown


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